Thursday, July 29, 2010

Half Acre

Vintage 80's Sheer White Striped Lace Babydoll Mini Tux Dress
i'm a little bit obsessed with this dress. what originally drew me into this shop were the photographs. i stumbled upon a listing for a skirt and got hooked on just browsing the photos. when i saw this dress i kind of fell in love. the neckline and shoulder detail= yum! i love the boots too. cute, cute, CUTE & right up my alley.
the shop is called VIRALTHREADS
this little number is selling for a very nice price of only $48
vintage & one of a kind. you really can't beat it!

music time! i love HEM & my favorite album is "Rabbit Songs"
hope everyone is keeping cool. our AC is out but getting fixed today. i have a really difficult time NOT sleeping in my own bed but it was literally a sauna last night and it felt 20 degrees cooler outside- that's when you know it's bad!
alright, onward with with earcandy......
xox, rachel

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  1. Lovin' that dress, if only I were thin again... :) I gave Heather the necklace from Cats site for her birthday...the one you have here on your blog with your photos...she LOVED it! Hope you have a good day!