Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Beautiful Mess, Her Tote & A Giveaway!

i couldn't be more SMITTEN to see Elsie, of A Beautiful Mess , sporting her GetReadySetGo Tote Bag in her "Houndstooth Dress Giveaway!" blog post, which you should all RUN to and enter!!!

i've been advertising on A Beautiful Mess since the end of 2010 and i couldn't be more pleased with the traffic that it's brought my shop. GRSG seems to have found a perfect home:)

in April i will be be participating in the monthly Giveaway on Elsie's blog.
i'll be giving away a Messenger Bag with your choice of artwork so stay tuned for more details!

HUGE thanks to Elsie for making her tote look extra hot with such a fabulously fun and bright mix o' color.
xox, rachel


  1. So cute! What a lovely ensemble! Woohoo for GRSG! :)

  2. oh i need this bag! ♥ such a cool colour. i need money. god, let it rain money. :D