Friday, April 22, 2011

My Date with KAI!

yesterday i had the honor of hanging out with my favorite 4, very soon to be 5, year-old little guy:) i picked up Kai for a day of the park, ice cream, watching Space Buddies, playing I Spy and a BUNCH of rounds of TRICKY TRICKY "hiding of the tennis ball game"- if you don't know it shoot me an email and i will explain. it's good fun;)

there were massive amounts of silliness to be had and laughs til our tummies hurt. the above photo was my favorite thing Kai did. i'm framing that photo of him because at some point i will have to get rid of that christmas tree and now i won't mind because i will have the BEST memory of it.
Kai thought the above photos of me were hilarious! he made me lay down on the office floor and make goofy faces. for some reason he giggled like mad. i think he was deliriously tired but i love to see that kid laugh
all in all it was a 81-star day!
today i have a LOT of drawing to do as i pretty much ditched out on all responsibility yesterday.
it was soooo worth it!
xox, rachel

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