Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Instagramaddict PART 2

ugh! i miss my camera BUT i do ADORE my iphone and all of it's AMAZING apps and then i can Instagram them all and somehow this fills a tiny bit of the void of not being able to take photos. hoping the 2nd trimester (which starts june 24th) will give me some energy:)
in the meantime, here is what i've been doing......
1. finding striped couches at thrift stores that i have no place in my home for but figure the next best thing to do is snap a photo of it
2. making these pom pom things to make this pretty rad necklace
3. figured out that Pomegranate IZZE is the way to go for my tummy cause it's super sour and bubbly delicious
4. was gifted 1 awesome vintage robot found in London via Caroline
5. decided i'm a collector of vintage luggage tags, not a hoarder;)
6. got some pretty red vintage buttons from my MIL. love her!
7. took a pic of my IZZE bottles cause i thought they looked pretty in my kitchen
8. fell in LOVE with the 1st of 2 quilts that i designed and my mother in law actually made. can't wait to put them to use
9. was beyond groggy & boycotted leaving the bed
10. bought pretty striped baskets and more felt for getting crafty. i've got plans.....
11. went to Salvation Army where i walked around for maybe 5 minutes, found a bag, then had to have robert pay for it because i was about to pass out from standing so long and needed to go sit in the air conditioned car
12. made a plan to use my favorite corduroy fabric that i bought over 8 years ago!
13. loved on my vintage russian clock
14. realized that my hair is turning the jet of all jet-blacks and getting even thicker than before. it's now a wild jungle mane
15. shared this movie with a friend and of course, she loved it, you can read more about this in the previous post:)
16. and last, i've been making myself feel fancy by drinking my super duper extra sour homemade lemonade out of my vintage high-ball glasses that i bought from jenny over at frecklewonder

yeah, i know, i'm a PARTY ANIMAL. the fun just never stops;)
xox, rachel
p.s. we saw the babies at the dr. yesterday and they were kicking their feet and swinging their little fists like crazy. they are healthy and busy, Busy, BUSY! we had the BEST time watching them:)

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