Wednesday, August 10, 2011

face & belly

yesterday my pal Annie screamed and yelled at me for a good 10 minutes about how she wanted to see a picture of my face AND my belly in one photo. she kept getting pics of just my belly and she expressed a need for a FULL photo. well, it's quite hard to get all 3 of us in the frame with my IPhone but i did my best because Annie threatened to never speak to me again if i didn't send her said photos.
so, i decided to share em with you guys too!
(Annie has NEVER screamed OR yelled at me in my entire life. i actually was laughing out loud as i typed such things because they couldn't be LESS like Annie. love you Pone!)
xox, Rachel, Lucy & Sky


  1. Nice seeing all three of look great! :)

  2. Pregnancy might be tough on your body, but it sure looks good on you!

  3. What a beautiful trio! How lovely :)

  4. Oh how cute (love the little ones names too!)