Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boy, Boy, crazy Boy.....

just play it cool, boy, real cool........
my youngest brother Tristan, who i frequently brag about & adore to pieces, has a dance competition this weekend. the kid has been competing for over 3 years now but this will be the 1st comp. i've ever been to. he is in 10 numbers, 4 of which are solos.

these photos are all stills i grabbed of T performing a tap piece to the song "Cool" from the musical West Side Story. this was one of those soundtracks i was raised on. i remember my dad sitting me and my other brother down one saturday morning in front of the stereo with one goal in mind. we were going to learn EVERY single word to Officer Krupke.
mission was accomplished!
it was good fun driving around to our soccer games on the weekends, windows down, sunroof open, music blaring, with all 3 of us belting out the song at the top of our lungs.

i'm thinking it's pretty obvious that i am beside myself with excitement to see my brother in action this weekend:) this event is a part of what i'm lovingly referring to as "9 days of INSANELY INTENSE FUN"
and saturday night, at midnight, i'm picking up HANNAH the RENKEN!
thanks for reading friends
xox, rachel


  1. Yes!!! I LOVE that my dad isn't the only one who raised his kids on musicals!! My dad is a huge rodgers and hammerstein fan and as a result, I know every score! West Side Story was one of his faves!!

  2. West Side Story & Camelot...the soundtrack of my childhood.... :)