Tuesday, February 15, 2011


there has been SO SOOOO much going on over here i don't know where to begin?!?
i guess i will start with the fact that i've had 31 sales in february- WHOA!
my customers have blown me away with their patience as i draw tandem bicycles, flocks of birds, balls of yarn & knitting needles...... and then, to top it all off, they leave me the BEST FEEDBACK EVER! i couldn't be more thankful. it's been a whirlwind of awesome in 2011.
and guess what?????
look at her decked out in a DEEETROIT t-shirt below, giving us ALL the thumbs up of excitement- though she thinks she is more excited than me- silly girl. she hasn't got ANYthing on my excitement;)
and what's that you heard?
wait, one that is legit?
one that i can update and actually work?
well, the rumors are true friends:)
i've got plans for releasing photos early over there so if you wanna get your mitts on the goods before it even hits the shop make sure to become a FANNNN
and last (as far as shop talk goes), but certainly NOT least......
i'm getting an assistant!
it sounds so formal and way too fancy for me but HE deserves a formal title because his job will be IMMENSELY helpful. that's right, i said HE!
YAY for Joe Menzel- a stellar, stand-up, reliable guy who i whole-heartedly can depend on. this kind of just fell into my lap tonight and it couldn't have come at a better time because i've had this goal dancing around in my head.
 i wanted to get 65 new PIECES o' LUGGAGE into the shop.
i wanted to get them into the shop within a month.
without Joe i really didn't see how this was possible
but now, between him (and hannah because we musn't forget hannah) this goal is seemingly attainable. i'm thrilled!!!!!
finally, on a personal note,
i've been wheat & gluten free for ALL of 2011. it's made an UNBELIEVABLE change in my life, both mentally & physically. i feel ike a brand new person. i knew i was allergic to gluten and wheat but it wasn't till last year that my body started SERIOUSLY rejecting it. i'm also allergic to sugar- even the sugar in fruits & vegetables but i've never been a girl with a sweet-tooth so this part hasn't really been a problem. okay, this is getting borderline NOVEL.
i'm shutting this thing down with one more GIANT "THANK YOU" to ALL of you guys. buyers, readers, fellow etsians. you guys have been the SUPPORT of all SUPPORT.
you keep GRSG running:)
xox, rachel


  1. you are way way to cute chica ... so excited for you know the shop stuff, i totally "liked" your page yesterday & glad to hear you're feeling healthy & happier. totally deserves a whoop whoop happy dance! xx

  2. Yay!! That's exciting stuff, Rachel. :) Congrats on the awesome sales!! Your vintage is so lovely, it's no wonder!! he he. :)