Saturday, June 30, 2012


today i finally ordered ALL of the pictures from the girls birth! the ones the anesthesiologist was SOO incredibly awesome to take. she was running a circus act in that room. got pictures of EVERY thing. dad cutting both chords, me kissing each babe when they came out, robert kissing me and the girls, robert holding BOTH of the girls- she literally shoved a baby in each arm and was like "SMILE!"
and i'm so grateful she was so into capturing it all for me.
because i look at that picture above, and i'm in complete AWE!
of my little Lucy, with her arm outstretched, finally ready to meet this world and discover all the incredible things that God has created. and just a few moments after this photo was snapped, they pulled out a SECOND miracle..... Lucy's best friend for life, her sister Sky:)
i CANNOT believe they grew inside me for 38 WEEKS!

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