Saturday, June 23, 2012


my first batch of postal pix, from all my instagram photos, came in the mail today and i cannot wait to start scrap-booking and putting 'em up all around my house on magnetic boards. I ordered photos from my entire pregnancy, the labor and the past 6 months.

the above 3 photos i want framed together in a row, exactly as seen, and put somewhere in the house immediately! i used a fun photo app for this picture, of the pictures, called qbro, so the colors are a bit off compared to what the photos look like in real life.... but you get the idea:)
it's been a busy week and tonight was our date night. so, the girls headed to the grandparents, as they do every friday night, for a sleepover.
but here i find myself, at 5 am, anxiously awaiting their return.
they are my best friends.
i suppose i should go try for more sleep because they don't get home until 9am or so.
hope you're all in for a fantastic weekend:)

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