Saturday, September 22, 2012

9 months & wondering

my girls are 9 months old. wow!
i need to find a blog for moms going through weird emotional hormone swings so i don't feel like i'm the only one. i can't wait until they can talk. i have been having bouts of extreme lethargy and i work out every day, except sundays. is this hormones?

reading this book with my best friend and it's sooooo good. so insightful, so perfect for the current state of "religion" in our society. it tackles the tough questions. it isn't full of hypocrisy nor does it beat you over the head or shove things down your throat. 
i highly recommend it.
now for the random shots of the girls doing their thing......

oh, and yes, i did Ombre my hair. and even in the midst of a really hormonal and difficult week i still liked it. so, that says a LOT! i like how it's growing out and highlights my face. it's fun and super easy to maintain. i really don't have time for much more fashion maintenance at the moment. i'd rather be at the park or relaxing.

i miss every single one of my family members, a LOT.
i've had 2 intense massages that have been great for getting the toxins out of my system
i've been having crying spells in the evenings. nothing too intense. more stress-relieving than anything..... i think.
i know this is just a phase.
i know i  need to hold fast to the assurance.
XOX, rachel

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