Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Years Goals!!!

okay, who is ready for 2011? i know I AM!!!
2010 was one of the most challenging years of my life but it was also a year that forced me to grow in incredible ways. the amount of pain i endured was certainly NOT fun BUT i seriously wouldn't change a single thing. i am MASSIVELY GRATEFUL to be where i am today. i'm SUPER ready for exciting things in this next chapter.
here are 11 things i hope to accomplish:
i received this adorable bag when i purchased my RAD ORANGE ROBOT BANK from TrashBirdMakes.
it's brilliant, dare i say, GENIUS?! a great reminder to never stop dreaming. you're never too old
in my nearly 3 years of etsy being my full time job (whoa! really? Seriously?!?!?) i've had the honor of making about 6 "MERCH" cases for a variety of bands, artists etc. i WILL be making another this year..... i wonder who it will be for? that will be an exciting surprise:)
my youngest brother tristan, who is also my bestest bud, is CONSTANTLY inspiring me to try new things and get 35 kinds of crafty. he and i had a paint-day over the summer and it was EPIC! yes, it was that great, no joke. this year we will do it again. maybe we will even have TWO days of painting & music listening fun... i think it's time to kick things up a few notches, don't you? 
MAN ALIVE was i giddy like a little kid to get a record player this year for Christmas! i spent over a month trying to figure out how i was going to display my favorite albums & make them accessible.
looking forward, forward. forward to dedicating AN ENTIRE POST to what i came up with!
oh knitting, i adore YOU! and we've lost touch:( but that's gonna change. in fact, i've jump-started this one- i'm 2 hats & 1.5 scarves in! it feels so good to be back in the game again.
i've been doing a lot of walking. like, A LOT! like, maybe a million miles worth?
okay, maybe not that much but i've covered some serious ground. every time i go for these walks i treat myself to 2 pine cones, no more, because if you try to walk with more than 1 in each hand it makes your fingers bleed. trust me, i've tried, more than once. those suckers are sharp!!! anyways, i've collected/hoarded a whole tree's worth over here. i've got big plans for them. F-U-N!
technically i did not grow up in Detroit, Michigan but rather in a suburb of Detroit. however, i DID get to do many adventurous things in the city and i will FOREVER call the mitten my HOME! autumn in michigan is Perfection with 12 capital P's. the city i grew up in has it's very own cider mill for CIDERS-SAKE! i will be taking a trip this fall and snapping so many pictures that i may come home with both hands looking like "the claw". they may be stuck in "shooting position" for a while. i may even need to close the shop until they go back to their normal working state. i should make sure to let GRSG customers know in advance. look at me planning ahead;) hehe.
this is pretty straight forward. i just gotta write more. i love to do it and i'm on board for doing things i enjoy this year. i bought my tickets a few weeks ago. i heard there were a bunch left if you haven't purchased yours yet.
another straight to pointer. "No Surprises" by Radiohead get ready to be OWNED! it's going to be an extremely musical year in the Demsick house, what with robert playing guitar, tuba and as of last week the trombone! who knew?!?
when this was my full-time job it didn't take long for it to lose it's luster. i know for a fact that when i was hired to shoot "Holiday family cards" is when i OFFICIALLY began to DREAD shooting. it sucked all of the personality right outta the kids. that's just no fun. and we can't have any FUNN-NESS being lost. i just will NOT ALLOW IT in 2011.
some say "save the best for last". i saved the most important for last.
i will make time EVERY DAY to sit down, read my bible and get my God-time on!
if i do this, and only this, in 2011, i will be completely content:)
this part of my day is non-negotiable. it's like breathing. i can't live without it.
so yeah, i'd say i'm beyond stoked for this upcoming year. there will be twists and turns i never saw coming but that's part of the adventure, it's all a part of this thing we call "living life"
i'm ready and well-equipped.
thanks for reading, if you did indeed read this whole thing, and even if you skimmed, well, thanks for skimming:)
what are your goals for 2011?
please share. i'm desperately curious. i wanna lengthen my list.
THE END.... for today
xox, rachel


  1. Hi Rach,
    Love Love Love your post!
    I love all of your goals and ambitions...the last being my favorite...I think it all falls into it's proper place when we make that our number one!! The Lord is good...He loves us...
    He has a plan for us...Jeremiah 29:11 Sister!
    Love you goal I have is to SEE MORE OF YOU in 2011...some creativity time together!!!How about it?!! :)

  2. You are one inspiring lady!

    I want to do more to promote and encourage other Etsians.
    I want to be kinder to those I interact with.
    I want to go back to church.
    I want to get healthier.
    and I want to improve my shop (and make a profit before hubs tells me to get a real job)!

    Love you Rachel!!!


  3. This is the best 'goal' posting I've seen!! I'm definitely going to be joining in on more than a few of these. Though I'm going to need someone to teach me how to knit *wink wink, nudge*.

    And the midwest in Autumn sounds divine.

    Big hugs and love to you this fine New Year's Day eve :)

  4. I guess the only thing I have on my list is to live life more fully! Every day. Your list is perfect! Happy New Year Rachel, hope 2011 is great for you!

  5. I'm taking a break from blogging for a while, but I did take a picture of my irl journal to share:

    I love your list Rachel, so inspiring!

  6. this post made me smile so big :D here's to an awesome year in the making!

  7. These are awesome goals! Where in Michigan are you from? I'm a suburban Detroit gal as well. Wyandotte, to be exact!

  8. @Annie.... THANK YOU! i am from franklin, MI, which is nestled in birmingham/bloomfield hills area:) love the MITTEN!

  9. Love this list of awesome things to do and see for this year!

    So inspiring and your blog skills make me smile!

    Here's to doing and being more like we were created to be! (I don't have a glass of anything to cheer to, but I don't usually do that anyhow. ;-) )

  10. it's my 1st visit to your blog and girl I LOVE IT! awesome stuff, great graphics, positive/empowering messages and this list you've compiled is stellar! yes and more yes. just the kind of thing i needed to read on this new years day (night). thanks for sharing and i'll be following. ♥

  11. What a fantastical post. I'm still undecided about what goals to set for myself because I'm not sure what I'm capable of with three little ones running around, but I really need to get on board. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I'm back to comment!
    I loved reading this, very inspiring and thought provoking. I loved the way all yours were positives and enjoyable things. My list is shaping up along the lines of 'keep my work space tidy', 'do more paperwork in a timely fashion', 'catalogue my supplies better' SNORING!!!

    Maybe I need you to pep it up a bit, cos it is WELL boring, innit?

    good luck with all your goals, and thanks for inspiring us xxx