Monday, January 10, 2011

the SCARF!!!

as you may recall, one of my new years goals was to knit more! i've recently rediscovered my favorite Rowan pattern book, remember that too? well, i tweaked one of the patterns from said book and made this comfy blanket of a scarf for caroline to take with her when she goes off to school in february...... to London....yeah.......
lets not talk too much about that.
caroline loves it and i'm hoping it will be like some sort of security blanket that reminds her of me. the scarf can wrap her up in a hug and act as my arms!
good times:)


  1. LOVE YOU !
    -caroline fields

  2. incredibly good! such a wonderful gift. ♥

  3. Awesome scarf certain it will keep Caroline warm in England! Great Photos 2!! :)