Monday, July 11, 2011

Babble Nonsense Update on Life and Such....

this is what i do most every day
wake up around 1pm-ish
my awesome husband makes me scrambled eggs for the twins and brings me a huge jug o liquids to eat & drink before i get out of the bed. this whole procedure take me about an hour.
then i take my vitamins & medicines etc. and get into my ill-fitting bathing suit to go for a swim/float.
don't worry, it's not a public pool we swim in. our neighbors have a house they only use in the winter so we go there. i don't expose my GIANT tummy & chest to the public, that just wouldn't be classy.
this somehow ends up taking til 5 or 6, at which point i need to eat again. i've been going with Amy's burritos with cheese & sour cream just about every day. i'm a creature of habit. plus, if it goes down and stays down then we're golden!
then we watch something on TV. we use the XBOX to watch Netflix or Hulu Plus. lately we've been watching season 7 of HOUSE, one of our favs:)
onsie 1. & onsie 2.
the above photo of onsie's is just a sidebar to tell you that i LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes and i don't care about gender, our kids will be wearing BOTH of these outfits. couldn't be cuter. i'm all about NO applique things on the front of baby wear. it's just not for me. the tiny little bear logo from the baby Gap is almost too much for me, but i can tolerate it. geez, i sound like a snob!
lastly, tomorrow is a BIG DAY for our little family.
it's our 8 year anniversary- HOLLLLLLLLER!
we get to go to the doc's to see the kiddos moving all around. it's our favorite thing to do.
and if this mama is feeling up to it we will go out for an early dinner to celebrate.
then back home to watch the 3rd X-MEN movie. i finally started them and i must say, i LOVE THEM!
that was a bunch of nonsense talk/update.
thanks for sticking around:)
xox, rachel
p.s. for those who have asked: yes, we are DEFINITELY finding out the sex of the babies. we aren't getting our hopes up for tomorrow, as i'm only 16.5 weeks, but by our next appt we should be finding out so i will be sure and keep you posted!


  1. Those onesies are absolutely adorable! I love the red and white one :)

  2. Sounds like you've got your day down to a science! Love it! Enjoy the doctor and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :)

  3. Just realized I'm late on the uptake, and I can't read dates, apparently. Sorry, friend. Never the less, hope all went well!