Friday, July 22, 2011

Instagramaddict PART 3

yep, it's that time again! sweet, sweet iPhone how i love you SO!
i've actually been gaining the strength to use my REAL camera and it's been a total DREAM. i will post pics of my most exciting adventure so far in this pregnancy soon. the event i shot has nothing to do with my pregnancy but it was FUN:)
so, without further delay, here goes the instagram descriptions....
1. just my favorite kitchen nightlight and some cute measuring cups. pops of color!
2. me, my Beats & my xenotee hoodie comfortably driving to a far away dr. appointment and listening to Cat Power. i missed her!
3. RAIN. i love hurricane season in florida
4. i've been getting to spend more time in my office. it's the BESTEST:)
5. a custom order suitcase i got to make with a smattering of stars on one side. it turned out really well. i was proud and the recipient seemed very pleased as well
6. i can no longer see my toes! the babies have officially taken over
7. there was a true fear before we were gifted this gum, now, all fears are washed away and i chew it nonstop;) j/k but it's AWESOME!
8. some red locker lovin' with some of my favorite etsy peeps!
9. AHHHH! my dear, sweet friend over at Fringe sent me these AH-MAZING Radiohead stickers, for no other reason than she loves me. i felt pretty darned special to say the least <3. go check out her shop too. i linked it!
10. amazing husband makes me and the twins scrambled eggs in the morning and brings them to my bedside so we can start our day with lotsa protein
11. my DADDIO came to stay with me for a weekend when the Mr. had to leave town for a wedding. he made the MOST INCREDIBLE chicken broth. this is just a preview of his beautiful work in progress
12. brother Geoff came too, cause he loves me and he rocked his Made In Detroit cap. LOVES IT we do!
13. this is me, driving myself to CVS, and oh SOO happy because i just found out i was keeping myself hydrated enough to NOT need any more IV's!!! they cancelled ALL of my july appointments. a HUGE corner turned :D (p.s.- don.t worry dad, this pic was taken at a stop sign and no one was around. keeping it safe)
14. the key to my hydration. cut in half wth water and drink drink drink- a gallon a day baby!
15. my favorite way to take my toast. a little butter and some raspberry preserves. like dessert for me cause i'm not a girl big on sweets
16. finally, the babies want Chili's chips & salsa ALL THE TIME! i try to find someone to go with me at least every other day. i got my dear friend Abby and her adorable son Kai to come on this day. we had a GREAT time and the babies were in 7th heaven- so was their mama:)
xox, rachel

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I've just discovered you blog, and I love it!
    Wonderful photographs, and a great atmosphere.

    I'm going to add you to my Reader I think - might pop in for a comment every now and again. ;-)