Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnant Messy Bun Swimming Hair Tutorial

before i even write or post any more photos let me just say that i am totally making fun of myself here and this is in NO WAY a real tutorial. so, read on if you care to laugh along with/at me........
2nd trimester has given me a slight boost of energy. i'm not taking any walks or hopping on the elliptical ANY time soon. i think with twins you kinda don't really ever get that "boost of energy and healthy appetite thing" you just kinda grow giant and then gianter and GIANTER until people think you are 13 months pregnant and birthing a whale.
anyways, i have wanted to get some exercise because before i got pregnant i was working out 2 times a day. cardio in the morning and nice long walks in the evenings. and before i got SEVERELY ill and found out i was having twins i was still working out, just a bit lighter. well, now, the pool is the ONLY place for me. it's too akward trying anything else so i've resorted to swimming breast stroke laps, at a snail's pace, and stretching for 40 minutes to an hour every day. it really helps with my sleeping too. i do have to use LOADS of Curel lotion daily because that chlorine dries me up!
now, what to do about the ever-growing mane? i don't want to destroy it so i figure i can wear it up most of the time.

here's what i do:
no brush required
take pile o' hair and gather it into a rats nest upon the top of your head
secure with elastic hairtie
if you need 2,  GO FOR IT. dare to be wild! (heavy sarcasm)
then you just go for your swim:)
after you will have a tangled mess of wavyish tendrils like this:

again, no brush required!
i know what you're thinking, "BEST HAIR TUTORIAL EVER!"
i may be submitting it to some magazines to make some dollah' bills. we'll see;)
alright, me and my lopsided belly are headed to the chlorine-scene right now.
happy summer!
xox, rachel


  1. Ha ha, you're awesome. I might be in love with you.

  2. ahaha so funny!
    My hair is usually a rats nest too, so I can relate to this. No brush required on mine either!

  3. Even with "messy hair" you are beautiful!! Love you, Dad D

  4. Seriously, the BEST hair tutorial EVER and one I may actually be able to follow from start to finish! Hope all is wonderful Rachel! Enjoy the Chlorine-scene! :) xoxo