Saturday, July 30, 2011

Serving Amelia & Cotton Candy

soooo, my etsy shop has 7 items in it...... YIKES!
i've taken a TON of new pictures, of new things, in bright fun colors and all different shapes and sizes. but i'm so tired in my pregnant state that i haven't even begun the process.
BUT, i did have fun shooting with a new model, whose hair looks to me, like delicious cotton candy. reminds me of the fair- in all the BEST ways possible:)

now, look at that Perfect Cherry Red Amelia Earhart suitcase she's serving up. don't tell me it doesn't look like a candy apple!!!

and fun tights with this AWESOME orange mottled bag just makes me HAPPY.
that's my preview for now. if you're interested in something you see here feel free to shoot me a etsy convo over at the barren shop! maybe we can work on getting you something pretty? also, the colors remind me of FALL! Autumn is my favorite time of year, and right around the corner:)
xox, rachel

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Verdict is IN........

the very last thing we thought we'd have but we are super excited:)
Lucy Asher & Sky Rachel Demsick
they are all snuggly, heads together & kicking their legs like crazy!
i had to go out and buy one set of onsies- a set that did NOT have any words on them and of course had stripes:)
while i was in Target i came upon these pink All Stars and realized that even though pink isn't my favorite color i could TOTALLY dig on these!
All in ALL it was a great day
also, we've officially hit the halfway mark
xox, rachel
p.s. thanks so much for all the congrats on twitter and facebook. i can't even begin to tell you how much ALL of your support has meant to me & robert:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nursery Paint & Monster Tummy

here's a quick update on the happenings around here as i'm nearly completed with my 19th week of pregnancy, which for twins, means i'm HALFWAY done- YAAAAAAAY!
okay, we bought the color we are going to paint the nursery walls (as seen above) and we are so excited about it. robert is going to paint on saturday

i'm growing by the minute, i really do think it's true. here are a few iPhone shots i snapped of the pile o kiddos in my belly. they are all laid out in kinda weird places so my stomach looks a bit lumpy. silly munchkins:)
TOMORROW is the big day...... we go to Vero radiology to have the long, in-depth sonogram and we get to find out what we are having. boys, girls or one of each.
i will DEFINITELY be posting those results ASAP!
back to editing pictures so i can add luggage to the shop- it's barren!
xox, rachel

Friday, July 22, 2011

Instagramaddict PART 3

yep, it's that time again! sweet, sweet iPhone how i love you SO!
i've actually been gaining the strength to use my REAL camera and it's been a total DREAM. i will post pics of my most exciting adventure so far in this pregnancy soon. the event i shot has nothing to do with my pregnancy but it was FUN:)
so, without further delay, here goes the instagram descriptions....
1. just my favorite kitchen nightlight and some cute measuring cups. pops of color!
2. me, my Beats & my xenotee hoodie comfortably driving to a far away dr. appointment and listening to Cat Power. i missed her!
3. RAIN. i love hurricane season in florida
4. i've been getting to spend more time in my office. it's the BESTEST:)
5. a custom order suitcase i got to make with a smattering of stars on one side. it turned out really well. i was proud and the recipient seemed very pleased as well
6. i can no longer see my toes! the babies have officially taken over
7. there was a true fear before we were gifted this gum, now, all fears are washed away and i chew it nonstop;) j/k but it's AWESOME!
8. some red locker lovin' with some of my favorite etsy peeps!
9. AHHHH! my dear, sweet friend over at Fringe sent me these AH-MAZING Radiohead stickers, for no other reason than she loves me. i felt pretty darned special to say the least <3. go check out her shop too. i linked it!
10. amazing husband makes me and the twins scrambled eggs in the morning and brings them to my bedside so we can start our day with lotsa protein
11. my DADDIO came to stay with me for a weekend when the Mr. had to leave town for a wedding. he made the MOST INCREDIBLE chicken broth. this is just a preview of his beautiful work in progress
12. brother Geoff came too, cause he loves me and he rocked his Made In Detroit cap. LOVES IT we do!
13. this is me, driving myself to CVS, and oh SOO happy because i just found out i was keeping myself hydrated enough to NOT need any more IV's!!! they cancelled ALL of my july appointments. a HUGE corner turned :D (p.s.- don.t worry dad, this pic was taken at a stop sign and no one was around. keeping it safe)
14. the key to my hydration. cut in half wth water and drink drink drink- a gallon a day baby!
15. my favorite way to take my toast. a little butter and some raspberry preserves. like dessert for me cause i'm not a girl big on sweets
16. finally, the babies want Chili's chips & salsa ALL THE TIME! i try to find someone to go with me at least every other day. i got my dear friend Abby and her adorable son Kai to come on this day. we had a GREAT time and the babies were in 7th heaven- so was their mama:)
xox, rachel

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnant Messy Bun Swimming Hair Tutorial

before i even write or post any more photos let me just say that i am totally making fun of myself here and this is in NO WAY a real tutorial. so, read on if you care to laugh along with/at me........
2nd trimester has given me a slight boost of energy. i'm not taking any walks or hopping on the elliptical ANY time soon. i think with twins you kinda don't really ever get that "boost of energy and healthy appetite thing" you just kinda grow giant and then gianter and GIANTER until people think you are 13 months pregnant and birthing a whale.
anyways, i have wanted to get some exercise because before i got pregnant i was working out 2 times a day. cardio in the morning and nice long walks in the evenings. and before i got SEVERELY ill and found out i was having twins i was still working out, just a bit lighter. well, now, the pool is the ONLY place for me. it's too akward trying anything else so i've resorted to swimming breast stroke laps, at a snail's pace, and stretching for 40 minutes to an hour every day. it really helps with my sleeping too. i do have to use LOADS of Curel lotion daily because that chlorine dries me up!
now, what to do about the ever-growing mane? i don't want to destroy it so i figure i can wear it up most of the time.

here's what i do:
no brush required
take pile o' hair and gather it into a rats nest upon the top of your head
secure with elastic hairtie
if you need 2,  GO FOR IT. dare to be wild! (heavy sarcasm)
then you just go for your swim:)
after you will have a tangled mess of wavyish tendrils like this:

again, no brush required!
i know what you're thinking, "BEST HAIR TUTORIAL EVER!"
i may be submitting it to some magazines to make some dollah' bills. we'll see;)
alright, me and my lopsided belly are headed to the chlorine-scene right now.
happy summer!
xox, rachel

Saturday, July 16, 2011


so here we are. the kids are hanging out on my right side, head to toe and a bit horizontal. everything looks a bit off when i look down. there is a definite bulge to the right.
i really don't have much to say. i had to document this. in 12 days we are going to Vero Radiology to do a more in depth sonogram where we will find out the sex of the beans, that aren't really beans anymore.
it is 5:20 am. i really need to sleep. my schedule is so off.
where is the 2nd trimester energy they always talk about in books? hmmm, guess that doesn't apply when you're carrying 2. drat!
xox, rachel

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creek Daze.....

yeah, i really titled this post "Creek Daze" - HAH!
i knew i was gonna watch the entire series at some point during this pregnancy. i was just waiting for the right time. that time has come!
i could quote every line. this show is EPIC, in more ways than i can count.
alright, carry on with your evening:)
xox, rachel

Monday, July 11, 2011

Babble Nonsense Update on Life and Such....

this is what i do most every day
wake up around 1pm-ish
my awesome husband makes me scrambled eggs for the twins and brings me a huge jug o liquids to eat & drink before i get out of the bed. this whole procedure take me about an hour.
then i take my vitamins & medicines etc. and get into my ill-fitting bathing suit to go for a swim/float.
don't worry, it's not a public pool we swim in. our neighbors have a house they only use in the winter so we go there. i don't expose my GIANT tummy & chest to the public, that just wouldn't be classy.
this somehow ends up taking til 5 or 6, at which point i need to eat again. i've been going with Amy's burritos with cheese & sour cream just about every day. i'm a creature of habit. plus, if it goes down and stays down then we're golden!
then we watch something on TV. we use the XBOX to watch Netflix or Hulu Plus. lately we've been watching season 7 of HOUSE, one of our favs:)
onsie 1. & onsie 2.
the above photo of onsie's is just a sidebar to tell you that i LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes and i don't care about gender, our kids will be wearing BOTH of these outfits. couldn't be cuter. i'm all about NO applique things on the front of baby wear. it's just not for me. the tiny little bear logo from the baby Gap is almost too much for me, but i can tolerate it. geez, i sound like a snob!
lastly, tomorrow is a BIG DAY for our little family.
it's our 8 year anniversary- HOLLLLLLLLER!
we get to go to the doc's to see the kiddos moving all around. it's our favorite thing to do.
and if this mama is feeling up to it we will go out for an early dinner to celebrate.
then back home to watch the 3rd X-MEN movie. i finally started them and i must say, i LOVE THEM!
that was a bunch of nonsense talk/update.
thanks for sticking around:)
xox, rachel
p.s. for those who have asked: yes, we are DEFINITELY finding out the sex of the babies. we aren't getting our hopes up for tomorrow, as i'm only 16.5 weeks, but by our next appt we should be finding out so i will be sure and keep you posted!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Draw on ME

if i had knees this cute i would totally get a tattoo like the one above. LOVE!

normally i'm not a fan of colored ink, like, for me, personally. but these stripes have changed my mind!

again, i never would have thought i would SWOON over anchor tatt's but these are just RAD!
i wish my husband liked tattoos more
oh well, one day maybe he'll be down for me getting another one.
xox, rachel

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty Girls!

1st up, my sister Leah, modeling on the home page of a pretty sweet website called
i absolutely LOVE how they did her hair:)
and then we have Dakota's younger sister, who is drop dead gorgeous at such a young age, Elle Fanning
talking fashion with Interview magazine
with an equally stunning hairdo.
okay, that's all for now!
xox, rachel