Sunday, July 15, 2012


my mom is a GENIUS!
it's true....
we go to the park for at least an hour EVERY morning with the girls- if you follow me on twitter or instagram then you are WELL AWARE of this;)
and EVERY morning my mom and i pack a cooler full of bottles and make ourselves iced coffee with coffee ice cubes that we make so that when they melt we still have STRONG coffee. i don't like carrying the small cooler with the bottles in it but i don't want the milk to get warm and yucky. we live in Florida, needless to say, it's always HOT.
well, we decided to make formula ice cubes!
you just pour some formula in the ice cube tray, freeze and TA-DA- you've got fresh, cold milk cubes for hot, summer days:)
plus, the cold milk feels really good on the girls sore teething gums.
this is just a winner on ALL fronts!
happy Sunday friends:)
XOX, rachel

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  1. That's great sweetie! Such good ideas