Sunday, July 8, 2012


see that dark shadow across Lucy's forehead?
that's the sun setting and casting shadows on her as she plays quietly with blocks & teething toys...... after a bath. this is only a big deal because around here we are schedule people. girls bathe at the same time every night, we put them in pajamas and then we rock them and put them to bed. well, throw off your entire day and pitch in some teething and you get some of the above. it makes for pretty pictures:)

scroll through the camera roll on my iPhone and it obvious the girls are teething- SOMETHING IS BETWEEN THEIR GUMS 99 PERCENT OF THE TIME! Sky (above) is chewing up a storm on her finger with daddy. we went to a wonderful couple's home this afternoon for a meeting/brunch about the mission trip that robert is going on next week. Lucy was given Motrin at the beginning of the day. i didn't even think twice about giving it to her, that's how miserable she was:( soooo, we found a cozy room in the left wing of the house to try and just chill out. we looked out the window, as the landscaping was something straight out of a magazine, and i got this shot of Lucy playing with her toes, very much in the shadows. it really captures the mood of today.

this pic of her bottle below, in the window, is again, a mood-catcher....

we came home, i caught a short nap, Sky wouldn't go down and Lucy needed ANOTHER dose of Motrin- yuck! the fussy hour came, which is about 5, and i decided to pack the girls into the van and head towards my latest addiction- Charles park. Surprise, surprise, they were in 7th heaven. look at those 2 sets of feet!

i'm WIPED! and i don't like teething. but i have so much to be thankful for so no more complaining.
Lucy and Sky,  you girls are the JAM!

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  1. I am very rarely on facebook, but I have a moment now. I love the pictures and I get what you are going through with two little ones...You go through the motions non-stop, like a robot, but with so much love that it does not matter. I am proud of you for being such a great mom!!