Thursday, July 5, 2012


.....because i really just wanted to chill out last night after our big day with friends:)
my mom made the most INCREDIBLE gluten-free flat sugar cookie and used frosting to make an American flag. yeah, she pretty much rocks and ALL 11 kids that were there ate them and LOVED them. SCORE!

girls were decked out in their red, white and blues

we got to the Blunt's house and it was immediate business time for the children in the baby pool. Wilson had some serious matters to discuss with the ladies. Harvest was a bit shocked and Lucy was putting in her 2 cents, per usual. i'm not quite sure what they were talking about but i do know it was INTENSE!

After, Lucy needed to refuel with a carrot

Wilson went back to having happy times in the water and giggling like a champ

Sky arrived a little bit late to the party because she was in deep slumber, which we don't mess with because that girl NEEDS her naps, but she settled right on in with no trouble at all:)

JJ offered me a sip of his lime flavor-ice (so generous) and then posed with all kinds of personality for this pic. the kid's to cool for school.... love him
Lucy and i picked up some elastic headbands on the way home and then it was baths, bottles, music and rocking the kiddos to sweet, sweet slumber

I spent my evening sewing fabric rosettes & plan on making them with velcro backs so they can be interchangeable. i was against the headbands for a LONG time, particularly the ones with the LARGE bows atop. well, time changes things and i've slowly warmed up to the idea. these bands are relatively thin and the rosettes are no more than 1 inch in diameter so they aren't such a "statement piece". i'm excited about them:)
it was a GREAT day! i love my life. i love my friends.
XOX, rachel
(p.s. i used this tutorial as a guide for making my rosettes. i added my own personal touch to them but i think this video is easy to follow and can help to get you started, if you're interested)

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