Wednesday, July 11, 2012


my sister Stephanie came to visit this past weekend. it was a much needed visit:) she's growing up and getting all gorgeous. that's my muma and her above.
steph captured some beautiful pics of the girls, like this one below of Sky's eyes..... don't mind the drool pool- she's teething, guys- it's what kids do!! embrace it

i love how Lucy is TOTALLY checking her out. what is going on in her brain?!?!? CANNOT wait til these children can speak!
that tongue!
this last shot below is beautiful. they both light up the photo. there's a sparkle in those eyes:)

come back soon auntie Nay Nay. we love you, we miss you.
XO, the crazies

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  1. A little late viewing this as we have been disconnected up here in the hot woods of Michigan. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Helps Grandma not wither away for loss of seeing my darlings. They are growing so well, flourishing, in fact. Thanks for being such an awesome mom and best friend. Love you all! Kisses and hugs galore!