Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

i get it..... but i don't like it.
people see me with my girls and say things;
"uh-oh, double trouble!"
"2 girls? yikes! just wait til they are teenagers!"
i sometimes would like to back-hand these people
though i never would.
i will admit, sometimes i just snap back with
"i'm double blessed!"
and carry on about my business.
i know all the reasons why these people say the things they do but it doesn't change my feelings on the matter.
and i watch this little video i shot of my girls at the park, where they NEVER cried once, even though it's covered up by music, and i cannot help but think:
people are crazy. this is LIFE! this is LIVING!

xox, rachel, sky & lucy
who are all happy about being together- through every up and down:)


  1. I feel so badly for people who say the wrong thing. Sometimes I'll say something and then later think, "Oh, I hope that didn't come off wrong," and then I'll obsess over how I may have offended someone. Yeah... there are just these *things* that are such common phrases that people just let out with it when they're trying to be friendly. "I'm double blessed" is such a great response though!

    1. i am SURE that you don't say offensive things:) i just can't take the people who act like children are a curse rather than a blessing. I don't mind advice and tips here and there. but if they have ZERO positive things to say about my girls then i'd rather not hear 'em. you're a sweetheart. don't obsess:) XOX

  2. You are double blessed! and those gorgeous little girls have a best friend for life in each other, just amazing!

    1. thanks friend:) it's really so cool to have a built-in best friend, isn't it?

  3. I hear you on this one. We get horrified looks and comments when we go out with our brood. I just try to remember that they don't know what we know - and that is that this is a good, happy, blessed, beautiful life. One I wouldn't want any other way.

    1. totally:) LIFE WITHOUT WOULD BE SOOO SAD:( i cannot even imagine! hope you guys are healthy, well and enjoying the SUMMMMMMER, Lydia.