Saturday, July 14, 2012


Do NOT freak out!
take a few deep breaths
the more i read about this form of learning the more i am certain that i want this for my girls.
there are MANY reasons why.....
i don't want this post to serve as a debate. i think each family should do what works best for them. i am in NO WAY trying to push my ways of teaching my children onto your children. NO, NO, NO! i promise:)
if you're curious and want some more knowledge on the subject, HERE is a great article on what UNSCHOOLING ACTUALLY IS and where it came from. i also like this PIECE
okay, carry on
just wanted to share this for some people that i love very much.
XOX, rachel


  1. We do a combo of unschooling and regular homeschooling and its so awesome to see your children get naturally interested in different subjects. I also love to see how much more they soar when they start in a subject when they're ready rather than when its forced. Play is learning and if you make learning play they'll always enjoy it :)

  2. I'm interested in learning more about this! We homeschool, and sometimes I allow myself to get really overwhelmed by it all. Trying to draw on a child's natural curiosity about life and teaching life skills are huge goals for me.