Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slacker Blogger Mama

i love instagram because it does my blogging for me. every picture i take and share on instagram goes straight to my Flickr account with date and time and commentary.
but i thought i would share this photo, that got the attention of a few other mama's....
this was what i wrote when i shared it:
"I like things organized. But there is something about the chaotic #mess left behind from my #twin #girls exploring that I completely adore. I'm glad we use our space:)"
nothing monumental. just something worth thinking about. i've had a few discussions about it. okay, BEDTIME!
P.S. Lucy's top teeth are EVIL! she cut her first one and her 2nd one is about to bust on through. they are making her miserable:(
park & coffee in the morning:)
XOX, rachel

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