Monday, September 27, 2010

4 cheers 4 MONDAY!!!!

it's monday (still working on waking up, bear w/me)
i work from home, i set my own schedule, i can work in my pajamas if i want.
that being said...... i still am FULLY capable of getting a case of the monday blues. so what do i do?
i title my post something extremely cheesy like "4 cheers 4 MONDAY!!!!" with 4 exclamation marks to make me believe it more. lets face it, not every day is a bowl of cherries.
moving forward.....
WOW! check out these etsy artists. polka dots, baby hedgehogs, headbands of felt leaves. a simple necklace that i'm certain would make your day brighter every time you caught a glimpse of it in the mirror:)
here's where you can find all the goods:
1. Candy Thief Sparkle Band $37
2. Single Bead Strand Necklace $22
3. Baby Hedgehog $50
4. Upcycled ' button red' Kepp Jones hat $48

in closing, if you have a case of the monday's i say:
let's go shopping!
xox, rachel

1 comment:

  1. happy day, babeface! :) that hedgehodge is the cuteness.