Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where did i go?!?

okay, so it's only been 2 days since i've posted but it feels like a WHOLE LOT longer. our internet went out on Labor Day due to these tropical storms and it's still not fixed:( my husband and i have been doing our best to keep ourselves occupied but truth be told, we love our internet and have come to the conclusion that we are FULLY ADDICTED to it.
i did finish a custom case (pictured above) for a wedding present. i like the simple font.
i also recieved my ORANGE ROBOT BANK from TrashBirdMakes and i am head over heels in LOVE with him. look how much personality he brings to my bookshelf! also, if you haven't yet entered my Giveaway from TrashBird you should REALLY get on it. click HERE
lastly, i finished up this custom order wallet for my friend Jocelyn (i call her Ace) who is the owner of FLOWERLEAF on etsy. she has been searching high and low for the perfect wallet. she finally found one and had it shipped directly to me for some sprucing up. i think the wallet itself is adorable and i hope Ace loves it to bits and pieces.
okay, my back hurts from working in starbucks all day so i'm signing out and hoping that our internet is up and running soon or else we may self-destruct!!!!
xox, rachel

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  1. I more than love the wallet to pieces, I love it bunches of pieces and little balloons filled with helium that you then breathe in to make that fun little midget sound. I can't wait to get it in my mail and no longer be dealing with a huge and heavy corduroy wallet anymore.

    I love how you situated the designs and I don't think any other design would have looked as good with that wallet, so it's perfect!

    Thanks so much, Eleven, you rock! Hope your back feels better soon!

    (Love that Robot bank...so fun!)