Monday, September 20, 2010


beware, i'm not happy (and i'm wiping my eyebrow like Rachel's sister from Friends when i say it- there's a shout-out to you amy!)
serious amounts of exhaustion have been upon me for DAYS now- with NO explanation!
i am eating a giant bowl of protien at 12:30p.m because i haven't eaten in a long time, seeing as how it took me about 2 hours to get out of bed- thank you laptop for entertaining me.
every single limb in my body feels like lead. i thought if i took the day off from working out yesterday and slept well that i would be better by today, but that would be way to conveinent for my body. it likes to act up on me. i keep forgetting FULL WORDS as i type this. i have no other physical symptoms (depression doesn't count) but i feel like i MUST be sick. some sort of sick? this had better pass soon because quite frankly, i am 2 steps away from having a TOTAL mental collapse, the one i had saturday night at church where i was flat out SOBBING in the courtyard doesn't count because believe it or not i was restraining myself. all those poor people thought they had seen me at my worst. you have no idea the magnitude of my meltdowns. it sounds like i'm bragging, i am NOT! i wish i only knew how to sob my eyes out for 10 minutes and be done with it. this post is 15 sentences longer than it should be, that may be the entire thing.
hope to be back with some more uplifting thoughts, photos, etsy finds etc. later.....
xox, rachel
sorry for the rant but i had to get it out of me!


  1. I'm so sorry, Rachel. I wish so much that I could help somehow.

  2. awww Rachel.....hugs to you and sending some energy your way... wish I could really help.

  3. take care of yourself honey! eating and sleeping can work wonders. sending good vibes your way.

  4. That suck Rachel. I'm sorry you're not well. Sleep deprivation is so frustrating, it seems like it should be natural, but it isn't always easy. I hope it gets better soon.

  5. sending you love and healing thoughts Rach- I wish we were closer together....

  6. Rachel!! <3
    Here is a mini collection of feel good things, music, and items for you. :) I hope they cheer your heart.


  7. Aww! Feel better soon! I think sometimes our bodies get sick to make us hard working business owners rest. I am trying to learn my lesson about that as we speak.