Thursday, September 30, 2010

Neckties, Bowties, CROATIA!

my husband and i reallllly like to watch Dhani Tackles the Globe on Netflix
here's why:
1. the show explores the cultural background of sports all over the world in completely unique and interesting ways + we learn extra random facts about the countries he travels (this post was born from his trip to Croatia)

2. the cinematography is TOP NOTCH

3. Dhani is the perfect mix of class & crazy!

how does this have anything to do with neckties you ask?
welllll, Croatia is the mother country of the necktie! found this out while watching Dhani learn about the history of water polo.
here's to my new found knowledge of ties!
hope you enjoyed learning and viewing
i think bowties are RAD:)
xox, rachel


  1. croatia is one of my favorite countries EVER so I had to read your post! so fun! and while I'm not a fan of regular neckties, a bowtie is just awesome! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Dhani does have a great tv show there.