Saturday, September 11, 2010

LOOKS Vintage 3 in 1 necktie BOWS!

i will NOT apologize for saying one of my best friend's is a crafty GENIUS! because really, check out what rebecca of LOOKS has done with vintage neckties....
1. the necklace pendant
2. the headband accessory
a closer look at
3. the headband (slide your favorite headband through the back)
4. the necklace (slide your favorite necklace through the back)
and the 3rd way to wear these:
5. brooch
6. pin included on the back of the bow
currently rebecca has 2 of these bows listed in her shop (found HERE) but over the past 2 years her and i have collected vintage neckties obsessively so i know she has at least 100 more she could make. maybe she'll whip you up a custom order one if there are certain colors you are looking for? and she'll probably do it in the midst of taking care of 4 children all under the ages of 8! like i said, my friend is a genius and i am SO proud of her and inspired by her craftiness.
much love and hugs to you rebecca, life would NOT be the same without you:)
xox blog readers,


  1. What a sweet bowtie + what a sweet post! She sounds like a motivated lady :)

  2. why thank you for calling me a genius [now i feel SMART] & a HUGE thanks for this are the BEST of the BESTEST rach!

    :) rebecca