Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hat Tangent

fall is for hats, unless you live in florida like me, sad! BUT if you were going to take a road trip through the midwest and east coast (who me?..... maybe) you would be doing your lid a favor by keeping a hat close by. i don't know about you but my ears get COLD in the evenings. so i'm officially on the hunt.
these 2 hats from Parvana are ADORRRALABLE
i was really seeking out an animal hat with earflaps which led me to these 2 hats. i don't think i could pull them off for everyday use but they were too much fun NOT to share!
found the moose HERE and the racoon hat HERE
of course i searched Flickr and found some TERRIFIC photos of hats, kids in hats, unique designs of hats, you get the idea.
1. like a peasant, 2. Leave me alone!, 3. Untitled, 4. Victorian Hawk Fish
in conclusion
I NEED A HAT and i NEED it NOW! i also NEED to get out of this Florida heat.
i will share as more info. comes in. crossing fingers & checking flights, though the crossing fingers never works and just ends up hurting my phalanges (ode to Phoebe as Regina Phalange)
xox, rachel

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