Saturday, September 25, 2010

oh saturday

my ultra-fantastic mother is here until october 9th- HOLLLA!
we ALLways go out and pick up some essentials when she first gets here. we like target because it addresses all of our needs: seasons on dvd, snacks, shampoo, starbucks. ONE STOP SHOP! we were on a mission to find the pumpkin spice hershey kisses..... we found that and more.
now, i am not a huge chocolate fan, never have been, let the moment pass, i am a girl, i promise. but there are some things you just have to try.
there were no questions to be asked when we saw all 3 of these new flavors of HERSHEY's Kisses. mom said we had to try them all therefore we had to buy them all. she is SMART. i didn't think twice & threw all 3 bags into our red cart. a successful trip indeed.
my second LOVE of the week is the blog of The Noisy Plume who, " WEAVES SILVER INTO LIGHT WHEN THE FEELING IS RIGHT". her "Ode to the Side Braid" has had me all up in smiles. her bloggings are nothing short of -oh so eloquent words made into stories of wonder and awe- i HIGHLY suggest you hop on over and have yourself a few days worth of reads. you can thank me later:) and she is now on the sidebar of my blog should you want to come back and read another time. just click on her adorable button and VOILA! entertainment for pages.
(photo found here)
happy saturday, buy yourself some kisses, check out the plume, report back.
xox, rachel


  1. Rachel, You are amazing.
    Thank you, so much, for your everlovin' love.

  2. You can't help but adore Miss Plume.

  3. I'm going home to visit this week, and Target is my mom and I's "go-to" hot spot. We bond over a bag of the $1 popcorn and wander aisle to aisle. Love your blog!