Sunday, September 19, 2010

a mixed tape SUNDAY

when i first started this blog i was going to try and post a song every day and a playlist on sundays. um, yeah, that wasn't possible. i was bummed but kept on blogging. i decided i would just have to make a little playlist when i found the time..... which is NOW:)
my friend brooke and i used to make insane amounts of mixed tapes when we were in middle school. we would sit in front of my dads stereo set up and pick out cds and get them to transfer to cassette tapes- making sure we had just the right amount of space between each song and NOT cutting off a second of the song! we had it down to a sick science. it's pretty amazing how many hours we spent doing this. now we can just throw a bunch of songs in a playlist on i-tunes, adjust the amount of seconds you want in between each song and burn it to a cd. who would have thought?!?! this would have blew our 12 year old minds!
xox, rachel

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  1. I love hearing other people's walks down memory lane!
    Thanks for sharing Rachel :)