Sunday, September 5, 2010


this shop has won me over this sunday.
it's FULL of many vintage treasures i would LOVE to have.
here are 4 things from

1. Animals In Suits Birthday Party Favors
who wouldn't want these? i think i will have an "Animals In Suits" party just so i can buy them.

2. Old Mini Camera Kodak
because you can NEVER have too many vintage cameras....

3. Racoon In Suit Original signed Art Print
this will hang in on the wall in the room where i have my Animals in Suits Party. he's so distinguished and handsome.

4. Incredible Vintage Leather Riding Boots
i will take these boots, a photo of this picture of these boots and the trunk sitting behnd these boots. thanks:)
happy hunting over at the CaptainCat
and merry sunday to ALL!
xox, rachel


  1. Wow, lovin' the camera. They make me so sentimental for the good ol' days....

  2. What cool finds!

    Have a super weekend Rachel. :)