Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flickr Favs: MY EMOTIONS as of late

1. Δ
2. ...and suddenly i woke up!
3. Her fleeting imprint
4. 67
this is how my emotions have been going this week.
i wanted to stay buried beneath my pillow and in my bed all day, then i was high and floating with life, then i was a monstrous scattered wreck and a little bit manic, finally i just crumbled..... definitely felt like i got kicked down a flight of stairs by the time sunday rolled around.
hoping for a better week.
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xox, rachel


  1. I hope you will have a great week!!!
    Anyway, your picture collection is gorgeous!

  2. I can sense how you felt the past week through the photographs, Rachel! Feeling so many different things in a short time is taking all the energy out of you. I love the floating picture a lot & hope that next week will feel like that! :)

  3. wonderful mosaic!
    Wish you a great week!

  4. I hope this week will be beautiful and much better for you =)
    powerful mosaic you've got here

  5. What an amazing collection of photographs - beautiful colours. I hope you manage to feel a bit more 'stable' soon :)

  6. Very cool photos... hope life gets a bit more... stable? Good luck to you!

  7. The mosaic is very soulful and the colors are lovely. Have a great week, with more ups than downs!

  8. Wow. those are creepy, but fabulous

  9. Amazing photos! hope you have a better week :-)

  10. Oh geez. Emotional tumble down the stairs.......I know that one well. xx

  11. Gorgeous!! I really love your mosaic, it´s fantastic!

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