Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Fall.....

oh how i love you! my michigan blood is pumping half apple cider just thinking about home. there is nothing better than the heat of the day and the crisp chill of the evenings. the fall accessories are the most fun. please buy me the bear tights above:
did someone say cowl? black and white houndstooth ta' boot!
check! buy it here:
and i don't care if it's white and after labor day, or whatever that rule is..... i WANT this white vintage cardigan! and gimme gimme the plaid wool dress.
found here:

now i need to knit myself some fingerless wristwarmers so my hands can stay warm while i'm getting my draw on! because yes, believe it or not, it gets COLD here in florida. but not yet...... we're still waiting..... me not so patiently.
xox, rachel


  1. Those tights are AH-mazing! I also recently discovered piprobins and am pretty much in love.